Joogwang Lim (b.1992) is a Boston-based Korean composer. His main musical features can be summarized as a fusion between music and other ideas, such as myths, stories, plays, religious texts, ideologies, and even scientific theories. Especially, plots extracted from these ideas play an important role in his music. Along with his tendency of composing firm and complex structures from those plots, his music contains full of expressive components, such as texts, symbols, and leitmotifs. He also focuses on the social and cognitive aspects of music. He often challenges the audience’s sense and preconception through musical mockery, unusual space settings, contradicting multimedia projection and theatric elements. On top of that, he continues to reach a wide variety of genres, i.e. choral music to traditional Korean music, to express his diverse cultural, material and spiritual experiences.

His individual works and collaborative works have been featured at many festivals and concerts worldwide, such as ASEAN Youth Ensemble Workshop & PGVIM International Symposium, The 1st SNU International Music Camp, 2018 Korea Chamber Music Composition Festival II, The 2nd Agape International Church Music Composition Competition & Festival, 2018 Audio Trading Market, the 1st Electroacoustic Composers’ Point of View and 2021 N.E.O. Voice Festival. His music has been performed by Seoul Gayageum Ensemble, ASEAN Youth Ensemble, Korean Army Training Center Band, Prime Philharmonic Orchestra, Agape Festival Choir, Ensemble mise-en, Splinter Reeds, Sound Icon, MIVOS Quartet and N.E.O Festival Choir. Masterclasses with David Ludwig, Joyce Koh, Dieter Mack, Johannes Kretz, Peter Eötvös, Younghi Pagh-Paan and Jennifer Walshe also contributed to his musical development.

He earned B.Mus. in composition in 2018 at Seoul National University and M.M. in composition in 2022 at Boston University. He is currently living in Boston, United States, where he pursues his doctoral degree in composition at Boston University under the tutelage of Richard Cornell, Ketty Nez and Joshua Fineberg.

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